Why Chittaway Centre Pharmacy?

Chittaway Centre Pharmacy is unique pharmacy like no other on the Central Coast. We make compounded, customized, patient specific medication on site in our lab that cannot be obtained through normal pharmacies.
The compounding chemists work with doctors and naturopaths to improve the health of our patients.
  • team-adam

    Adam Lisle


    Adam is a fully qualified PCCA compounder who has developed a good working relationship with many doctors both on the Central Coast and in the Hunter. Adam first started compounding to escape the monotony of the standard pharmacy model that relies on pre packaged medications to treat patients. Adam has found that by compounding customized patient specific medication he has been able to treat his clients with less side effects and an increased clinical effect.
  • team-sam

    Sam Maier


    Sam is a fresh university graduate with a keen interest in nutritional and hormonal health. Sam has a keen understanding of the biochemistry of the human body and has worked with many patients to implement many successful hormone replacement therapies that have seen his clients increase their health and well being. Sam is also a PCCA qualified Veterinary compounder and has worked with many Vets in the area to compound medication for all sorts of animals.
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