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Our compounding products:

Chittaway Centre Compounding Pharmacy has been on the Central Coast compounding medication since 2003. In this time, we have perfected the art of compounding and have helped countless patients live healthier and happier lives. Compounding means you are getting a tailored made medication that is best suited to treating your unique needs. Not all readily available medications are suitable for everyone. Some people have allergies or intolerances, children and babies need lower dosage forms or flavouring, hormone replacement therapy works best if it is compounded to your specific needs, even our beloved pets need the occasional medication compounded. Compounding can also help when medications are discontinued or out of stock for long periods of time, in this instance compounding can come to the rescue and ensure you are getting the care you need.

What makes us Stand Out?

So, what makes us the best compounders on the Central Coast and in the Hunter region? Firstly, we were one of the first pharmacies to join the PCCA back in 2003 when they first launched in Australia. PCCA set specific guidelines and offer technical support to ensure our compounded products are of the highest standard. Our two pharmacist, Adam Lisle and Sam Maier have had extensive training and experience with compounding. Adam has been a compounding pharmacist for most of his career and over this time has attained a wealth of knowledge that has made him one of the best compounders in the business. Sam has a Masters of Pharmacy degree and has been compounding since finishing his university. Sam has completed training in veterinary compounding and herbal compounding and is a fully qualified herbalist. Both of our pharmacists love what they do and this more than anything makes them the best. They have put in years of effort and as a result have attained the reputation of being one of the best compounding pharmacies on the Central Coast if and Australia.

Having an understanding of compounding opens up a whole next level of care that we can off our patients here on the Central Coast. For example, you walk into a normal pharmacy with a pain related problem, let’s say sciatica. The normal pharmacy would possibly suggest paracetamol or nurofen or a combination of the two. Sure, this will help a little and give temporary relief but if you walked into a compounding pharmacy like ours with the same complaint you have many more options. For example, the natural pain killer PEA is a safe and effective pain reliver, High strength magnesium glycinate in capsule form can give excellent relief, compounded creams containing anti-inflammatories or herbal products can be applied to the area for relief of pain.

How can Compounded Medication Help You?

Pain isn’t the only condition compounding can help with. We have compounded products to help with scaring, vitamin deficiencies, skin conditions like eczema/dermatitis, insomnia, hormone problems, pyrroles, babies with reflux, migraines, gluten and lactose intolerances and much more. If you’re not on the Central Coast, there’s nothing to worry about. We offer an express postage service Australia wide and we regularly post orders far and wide. We have shipped compounding orders to places like rural South Australia, Geraldton in Western Australia, Crescent Head, Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Simply click on the “script upload” on our website and we will be able to process your compounding and get it delivered to your door quickly with no hassles. So, why not give us a call or drop in and see how Chittaway Centre Compounding Pharmacy on the Central Coast can help you.