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Zinc and Hormonal Health


Zinc is important for the maintenance of many body functions including immunity, healthy blood glucose levels, cell growth, healthy prostate and sperm, wound healing, acne and a regulator of hormone health

Zinc plays a very important role in the way your hormones are broken down and metabolised.

Zinc is a strong regulator of the aromatase enzyme, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking Testosterone/DHEA down into estradiol. Under normal pre-menopausal conditions this conversion isn’t such a problem as there is plenty of progesterone around to counter any of the harmful effects that may occur due to increased estradiol.

But under menopausal conditions this increase in estradiol can have harmful effects such increasing the growth of breast and endometrial tissue.

Taking Zinc with your Hormone replacement therapy limits the conversion of testosterone/DHEA to estradiol by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme and therefore reducing the amount of estradiol in the body and keeps your hormones at a safe and balanced level.

This is why it is recommended that any hormone replacement therapy that contains testosterone or DHEA be supplemented with at least 25mg of zinc daily.


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