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Alzheimer’s disease and natural supplements


Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia that leads to loss of short term memory and ability to think logically. Alzheimer’s leads to certain changes in the physical makeup of the brain where the cells become tangled and congested with useless proteins called beta amyloid plaques. These plaques take over the brain and kill brain cells which lead to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Chittaway Centre Pharmacy stocks a range of nutritional supplements that can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, particularly if started early where it can help to improve mental functioning. Even in people with genetic predispositions to Alzheimer’s, nutritional medicine can help to reduce the risk of developing the condition.

Supplements to improve memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Vitamin E 1000Iu, twice daily
  2. Vitamin C 1000mg, daily
  3. Selenium 100mcg, daily
  4. Vitamin B complex, one tablet every second day
  5. Essential fatty acids (fish oil, evening primrose oil), fish oil high strength capsules 2 twice daily or a teaspoon of the oil, evening primrose oil 2 capsules twice daily
  6. Lipoic acid 100mg, daily
  7. Acetyl-carnitine 200mg. Three times daily
  8. Phosphatidyl-seine 100mg. Three times daily

This list of supplements was devised by Dr Sandra Cabot in her book “Boost your Energy fine tune your body and mind with natural anti-ageing hormones

Come in and talk to a pharmacist at Chittaway Centre Pharmacy about Alzheimer’s disease and get a supplement and nutritional plan to follow to help reduce your risk of developing this terrible disease.